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Cannabis Retail Training Certification and Cannabis Concierge.

Lift & Co. Cannabis Retail Training Certification

A comprehensive online certification course with either an in-class component or a virtual classroom that equips product specialists, managers and retail staff with best-in-class knowledge to service the adult-use cannabis consumer. Offered as a program with 2 or 5 days' worth of content.

Turnkey Solution

Train and equip your team with comprehensive and unbiased knowledge. This is an online turnkey solution designed to prepare you for sales on day one.

Leveraging a 4-year history in educating the legal cannabis industry, Lift & Co.’s Cannabis Retail Training Certification is designed in collaboration with a range of relevant knowledge experts. 

Certified, Standardized, Credible Training

3rd Party Expertise

Built with an exclusive partnership with MADD Canada, the training covers topics like safety, responsible usage and public health, with inputs from medical experts on scientific fundamentals of cannabis.

Engaging, multimedia courses include self-guided e-learning and in-person training. Training can be customized to blend seamlessly with existing SOPs for a time and cost-efficient rollout, accessible from anywhere.

Flexible and Customizable

At the retailer’s choice, the Lift & Co. Cannabis Retail Training Certification is offered as a program for managers and staff with 2 or 5 days' worth of content.

Course Duration

Lift & Co.'s proprietary concierge application is a tablet-based discovery tool that pulls from millions of data points to empower retail staff with product-specific answers as they guide customers through an informed purchase decision.

Lift & Co. Cannabis Concierge

71% of current consumers and  69% of likely ones consider having staff with strong product knowledge the most critical feature of cannabis stores.

Deloitte 2018 Cannabis Report

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Standardized, Powered by data, Updated in Real-time

Based on over 70,000 reviews. This is a turnkey solution designed to prepare you for sales on day one. Empower your staff with updates on the latest product launches sourced from real-time data from our Lift & Co. product reviews.

Sourced from over 70,000 real consumer reviews, the Concierge provides staff with answers to product-specific questions concerning effects, durations and consumption, while also empowering customers to self-discover when included as part of the in-store experience.

Empower Staff, Educate Customers

Increase Customer Loyalty

Ensure consistent, personalized experiences across your retail network to deliver a harmonized shopping experience and build trust with your customers.

Transactional Efficiency

Reduce customer wait time and staff needed on the floor by standardizing and streamlining customer interactions.

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